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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Call For Photographers for Two Photo Projects

Call For Photographers:

I am looking for photographers for two different projects. For both shoots I can provide a small stipend, which you may either keep as compensation for your time, or use in part for supplies for the shoot, or use part of it to pay the H/MUA for the shoot. But essentially these are glorified TFP shoots. 

What I need to get back from the shoots: 1-2 edited photos of each look I send you. Also, willingness to share the photos via your social media and tag my page, and I of course would do so as well, so we get some good cross-promotion. I would also be posting the photos here on my blog and also in my Etsy shop, which gets traffic from all over the world. Clothing to be returned promptly after the shoot with no stains or tears.

Arranging the shoot: Ideally photographers would want to arrange the details of the shoot such as location, models, etc. If you'd like my help locating models or H/MUAs I would be glad to help, but imo it is much easier if you just used people you have worked with before, and just check with me first and make sure I like the models.

Themes: I can give some suggestions as to theme and what I'd like to see, but I think when the photographer has some freedom they are more creative and inspired, so I don't plan on giving super detailed guidelines (more information below with each collection description).

*Publication*: I am using these photos for my website and will need to post them in a timely manner, so seeking publication for these collections in entirety, is not going to be an option. However if there are one or two looks from a collection which end up having some really spectacular photos you would like to seek publication for, I am willing to potentially hold off on posting those specific items/photos until we find out if we can get published somewhere. Obviously it would be terrific publicity for the collections, so I think it would be worth it, I just can't hold back all my inventory for months waiting to hear back about publication, since that is my form of income; I hope you understand. Since most publications only accept submissions from photographers, the ball would be in your court as to where you want to try to submit, just keep me posted so I know what's going on.

Contact: If you are interested in learning more, email me at or send me a message on facebook (Rosie Rose or Rosie Rose Designer page) and we can discuss details. If you have never worked with me before, please include two references that I can contact.

These are the two collections:
1) Zombie Couture Collection -ready Sept. 1st, need photos by Sept. 25.
Just what it sounds like, zombie/apocalyptic costumes with a high fashion twist.  It will include gowns, skirts, tops, belts, jewelry, and crowns/headpieces.This one is on a tight time-frame so keep that in mind before you say yes. I need to have edited photos back from this shoot BY September 25 so I have time to post them in my Etsy shop for Halloween. I can send off the collection to you as soon as it's done (you would receive the clothing by Sept. 1st at latest but hopefully a little sooner). This collection will be approximately 15 looks which will be in two sizes, so you would need to have two models: a small (standard size) model as well as a size M-L (plus-size) model (so it amounts to about 7-8 looks per model). Alt models are fine. I am not really wanting extreme makeup or SFX... I would prefer it has more of a Zombie Glam/Evil Queen sort of look, a little glamorous and sexy. We want to sell the costumes, not completely horrify people. Scary, spooky, edgy, creative, are all fine, just nothing really gross or terrifying. ((However if you want to do some really scary/horror shots using the costumes while you have them, you are welcome to do that as well.))

2) Fairytale Winter Collection  -ready mid to late September, need photos by October 31.
This collection, in progress now, will be ready to shoot by mid to late September. This is more of a standard editorial/commercial style shoot. It will include glamorous, fairy tale high-fashion pieces.... one-of-a-kind dresses, coats, jewelry, and scarves. There will be about ten looks in this collection. Sizes will vary slightly but they will be versatile enough that one model can model everything. I am picturing a standard size model who is a little curvier than normal, more of a medium size, with a curvacious body that would accentuate the narrow-waisted coats and gowns of this collection. Hopefully she would be a very striking beauty who can give the impression of regal, queenly elegance. Again, alt models are fine with me. I am hoping to be getting back edited photos from this shoot by the end of October so that I can have them for sale by the time winter weather starts to hit.

If you are interested in learning more, email me at or send me a message on facebook (Rosie Rose or Rosie Rose Designer page) and we can discuss details. If you have never worked with me before, please include two references that I can contact.