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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Custom Orders on hold for now.

Ok, ya'll... I hate to do this and I can almost hear the audible murmur of disappointment as I write this...  but I've got to put a hold on custom orders for the time being. If you have a custom order in progress with me right now, don't worry, you're covered, I just can't take any new orders right now until I'm all caught up.

And that does apply to the kid's embroidery and Christmas stockings as well. I hope to be able to do some premade stockings before the Christmas season this year, because with a new baby on the way due in December I won't be able to do custom stockings. I have some great ideas for stocking designs though, like ones inspired by famous literature and artwork, so if you're lucky you may be able to pick up one of those special limited edition stockings this fall on Etsy (or possibly even in a local shop, stay tuned).

Really what is bothering me is that I haven't gotten to make any new or creative clothing for months, basically since I dived headfirst into doing custom orders last December. I have constantly had a full order board, which is fantastic but also a lot of pressure to keep up with, and leaves no time for making my own designs. I know I have customers who have been checking my shop lately for new stuff and I've got nothing new to show, must do something about that. And I would love to do some kid's clothing too and there definitely has been no time for that.

So, while I am calling this a temporary hold on custom work, I really would like to ease back from doing that SO much in general. I feel like I need to begin adjusting my lifestyle and work now, to be more flexible for when the new baby comes. And that means doing more of my own designs on my own time rather than all the custom work on other peoples' deadlines. Sorry to anyone who was planning to order something soon--- please check back with me in the future, things will inevitably change, they always do.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

A new rosebud on the way....

So... there have been some new developments in my life lately!

I found out in April that I am pregnant! We are very happy. Our daughter is super excited too. She loves babies and is excited about being a big sister. She is hoping for a girl and Chris wants a boy. I will be thrilled either way. "Two daughters" does have a nice ring to it... but it would be neat to experience having a boy as well. Are they really easier? We may just find out!

This is my third pregnancy (one early miscarriage my first time) so I am no newbie  at this. Still, I was surprised at how much and how quickly my daily routine was turned completely upside-down. I normally am a coffee-powered tornado, supermom by day and juggling all kinds of sewing orders, day and night. I'll push myself however hard I have to to meet deadlines. Well, of course coffee was the first thing to go. Then the morning sickness (should be renamed all-day-sickness) and fatigue hit, and it really was a struggle for most of April, to get any work done at all. I would get sick and then have to lie down and rest over and over throughout the day... but.... I have no employees, so if I don't do the work it doesn't get done. So I just had to buckle down and try my best to work when I could muster it. I did have to push back a few orders to be late with apologies to customers. It is certainly a lesson in the limits of this human body--- thank goodness morning sickness is a temporary condition! I feel like it's been easing up a bit lately and I've been catching up on things. Funny how when you can't work it makes you realize the ability to work is a privilege.

Now I'm getting into the ridiculous cravings phase. I eat so much more than normal, it's hilarious. There are days my husband comes home from work and I have eaten basically every bit of food in the house and he has to go right back out and shop. I think he gets a kick out of it (if it weren't for the grocery bill, yikes!)...but it must be funny to see a pint size gal like me eat a second dinner every night. Last night I ate a huge hamburger for dinner and another one before bed! And still woke up starving. I can hardly keep up with this appetite... in fact I could use a snack right now.... :)

In other news, I'm super excited to be one of the fashion designers participating in Colour Law's next big event, Apunkalyptic! It's in Milwaukee next month, so I'll be mailing up some outfits, and then get to see all kinds of magical images happen using my creations. It's so fun getting photos back from photo shoots; it feels like Christmas. Especially working with Law's amazing team of hair and makeup artists, models, and photographers, you can't go wrong, it's going to be dark and fabulous! If you are interested in finding out more about Apunkalyptic, here's a link: