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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Leaf Costume

Around 300-400 plastic and handcut silk maple leaves went into this project.

A few months ago I was contacted by a young woman about making a pageant costume. She was going to be representing Canada in an international beauty pageant in the Dominican Republic and needed a costume for the talent portion of the show. She asked me to create a maple-leaf themed costume with a headpiece. The costume counted for 30% of her score so she wanted it to be really over-the-top fabulous.

Initial Sketches.

Finalized Sketch.

Cutting the skirt, marking darts.

Making the base of the costume.

Adding eyelets for a corset style back. (Snaps on the right side)

Making spaghetti strap to case the wire.

Finished base of the costume with wire "whirlwind"

Stitching leaves to the bodice.
And the skirt.

Finished skirt outside and inside to show stitching.

Headpiece made with wire.


Finished costume. Copyright Rosie Rose 2014.

Closeup to show detail of leaves.

Here's the lovely Jennifer Perrin wearing the costume on stage
 in the Miss Beauty International Pageant in Santo Domingo.
                                              Congrats to Jennifer on winning First Runner-Up in the Petite Division!