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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Apunkalyptic Volume 2, featured model AMY RADLOFF

Featured Model: AMY RADLOFF

About Amy:
"I had always wanted to model when I was in high school but never pursued it. I joined the Army and was deployed and came back with PTSD. It took me 8 years to finally pursue my passions. I have now been modeling for about a year. I started by attending a ProScout event and not one agency picked me. I didn't give up though so I attended another and two agencies requested to meet with me. I am still signed with one but left the other. The agency I left had gotten me work the first few months I was with them but then it felt like they forgot about me. I was paying them monthly to have my photos posted, and I do have a friend that owns her own agency in NY, and she said that no agency should charge to represent. I left them and have been pursuing jobs as I see them. I must say that networking is HUGE in this business. With doing a variety of shoots I have met so many designers and photographers that they contact me at times to do other shoots. I recently created a Facebook page and have been posting some of my photos and people have reached out to me and asked me for jobs. I also just signed with two agencies in the past month due to my site. Modeling isn't just about having a pretty face or a perfect runway walk, it's a business! What you put into it is what you'll get out of it."

Dresses by Rosie Rose
Amy's Hair by Kristin Lillig
Amy's Makeup by Katrina King
Jewelry provided by Bjorn Olaf Nasset
Stylist Heather Stern
Concept Production by Colour Law
Location: Jackson Concrete, Milwaukee, WI

Tidy Photography by Brett Stoddart

Shanna Koltz, photographer

Photographer: Jeff Dostalek
(Male model is Chris Draper, hair by Renee Romito, makeup Stephanie Duaime, shoulder pauldron by Rosie Rose, fashion by Twig Noir, jewelry provided by Bjorn Olaf Nasset) 

Photo by Patrick Jauquet

Photography by Brett Stoddart
(Male model Brian James Dickie)
Gena Appleby Photography

Photo by Patrick Jauquet
Cape by Rosie Rose
Outfit provided by Bjorn Olaf Nasset
Photographer: Kevin Bailey