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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apunkalyptic volume 1, featured model TWIG NOIR.

From the Apunkalyptic photo event in Milwaukee. The theme of this is based on the idea of what the survivors of an apocalypse might look like as they emerge from the wreckage, salvaging what they can and ready to fight for their survival, whatever the cost. I had a lot of fun creating costumes for the event--- this is the first of several blogs I'll be posting featuring different models from the event.

Featured Model: TWIG NOIR
Twig is known for her striking appearance and modeling prowess. She has been published many times over as a model. She also is an artist, creating unique jewelry and fashion designs. It was such an honor to be able to work with her!
Dresses by Rosie Rose
Twig's Hair by Shane Adam Webb
Twig's Makeup by Maryam Bokhari
Jewelry and Accessories by Twig
Styling by Heather Stern
Male Model: Brian James Dickie
Brian's Makeup by Colour Law
Location: Jackson Concrete in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Concept by Colour Law Designs 

Gena Appleby Photography
Gena Appleby Photography

Shanna Koltz, photographer
Shanna Koltz, photographer
Tidy Photography by Brett Stoddart
Tidy Photography by Brett Stoddart

Matthew Sperzel Photography
Matthew Sperzel Photography

Harryl Harryl, photographer

Harryl Harryl, photographer

David April, photographer

David April, photographer

And here is one from behind the scenes showing how the last two shots were lit.
David April works his magic. Photo by Amber Sha. Ottoz Kustomz on lights (thank you Otto!!!!)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Whirling into Fall

It's been a while since I updated my blog, so I thought I'd write a short recap of what's going on in my life and studio lately.

I'm 27 weeks pregnant now and doing really well most days. After feeling sick, tired, emotional, and apathetic for months, I am pleased to be feeling much more energetic and more like myself than I have in a while. I'm full of creativity and finding the challenges facing me--- getting ready for child #2 as far as home, child #1's needs, my work, and the need to find our family a bigger nest as we are outgrowing this apartment--- are just fueling my ambition even more.

Oh, and it's another girl! My first daughter is so happy she's getting a sister. No name yet, we're just referring to her as Little Sister. She is a wild thing, I can tell already. Year of the Horse. Her kicks are hard enough to jolt the laptop if it's next to my belly. The other day as I made my husband feel her kicking he said, "Wow," and I said, "Oh no, that's nothing.." then she really kicked and he said "WHOA!" Hahaha. Oh yeah, she's going to be a handful. Couldn't be more excited.

We managed to sneak in a trip to Houston for a couple days in August to see my brother's family. Here's me, the hubs, and our little rascal (who didn't want to stop chasing seagulls for a photo) on the boardwalk in Galveston.

I just finished my Zombie Couture collection of Halloween costumes and the photoshoot was a few days ago. Photographer Brett Stoddart was in charge and wrangled up 4 very lovely models to get all zombie-fied and show off the new collection. I have only seen some behind-the-scenes shots so far but I'll post edited photos as soon as I can, and I'll be adding the costumes to my Etsy shop ASAP. For any of you unfamiliar with Brett's work (a.k.a. TIDY Photography), take a moment to check him out. He does some fabulous dark fashion photos, as well as landscape/building photography of abandoned asylums, hospitals, etc. Add to that he's one of the nicest and hardest working dudes I know--- you definitely want to take a look at his page! Awesome stuff.

Here's a couple pics from my studio as I worked on the collection:
SNEAK PEEK of the 2014 Zombie Couture Collection

I also collaborated with the super talented photographer Luz Lutamendi at the beginning of August, and I can't post the photos yet, but here's a shot from another collab we did a couple years ago, featuring the beautiful Jane Love modeling my Byzantine queen gown. For more of Luz's very polished and stunningly beautiful photography you can check out her Flickr page...
Photographer: Luz Lutamendi
Model: Jane Love

Head piece designer: Dynamic Duo
Hair: Joe Paciorek
MUA: Chrystina Marye
Captured at a Michael Rosen workshop.
The APUNKALYPTIC shoot in Milwaukee went awesome... I've seen a lot of the photos but.... I can't share any of those yet either! (Read: you will be positively inundated with photographs in the next few weeks. Prepare yourself. You might need sunglasses to protect you from so much blinding beauty all at once.) I'm waiting to find out if some of those photos will be published in magazines and possibly also in an art book before I can share them publicly.

I recently rebranded my line, btw, if you haven't noticed the new logo yet! I even got new clothing labels... they're super soft red ultrasuede that is laser-etched with my logo. Swaaaanky.

More updates soon, with some fresh photos next time! :) And very soon also, Winter 2014 collection coming, featuring lots of earth-friendly fashions using bamboo fleece, cotton jersey, and upcycled fabrics. And SCARVES! The scarves approacheth. I love Fall.

-xoxo- Rosie