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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Sale, 50% off Everything!
It's that time again- the air is crisp and so are the leaves, and it's time to update your wardrobe for fall (or grab some great deals on stuff for next spring!) I've got lots of items I just listed, brand new stuff, going right on sale.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Finally with the cool winds of fall, I feel my life settling down again. It's been a hectic summer, with two moves- first from Arkansas up to Milwaukee, a big change. And then a shorter move from MKE down to Kenosha recently. I guess the big city was a little too wild for us.

I feel like my energies have been getting pulled in different directions all year. A rough spring- my life sort of fell apart. My life in Arkansas, in my little cozy, arty hometown of Eureka Springs, was something that I felt very confident about, but the world turned upside-down, and we felt the need to get far, far away, right away. Milwaukee was pretty far, and we had been there enough times to know we liked it. It was an interesting transition. After we moved, people kept asking me if I had "culture shock", and I can honestly say no, I never did. It's a city, I had been to cities before. There was no initial big shock. What was surprising was the way, over time, that the city sort of ground away at my spirit. I spent a lot of time making contacts and finding people to work with, and trying to make things that would please those people, and losing myself a little on the way. I am admittedly anxious and awkward at meeting new people, so I had a summer of upset stomachs and nervous first-meetings. Then when I finally felt like I had a few friends in Milwaukee, we decided to move down to here to Kenosha, so now I don't know anyone, again. There's a beach though- there is that. And the people here seem very nice...

It's going to storm tonight, which always makes me feel creative. Electricity in the air.

Now I am networking with people from Chicago and Milwaukee (Kenosha is right in between), and others all over the country. I tried something new recently, sending a new dress off to a photographer in California to shoot. There are many other photographers and models asking me to do this as well- we'll  see how this first time goes... it certainly takes a lot of pressure off of me as far as setting up the shoot. Just sew, put it in a box, and wait for the photos to come back.

I have so many ambitious projects I am planning, and having trouble completing them all. I am coming off the tail end of a very bad cold, which I can't help but see as a week of wasted productivity. I hadn't really earned a vacation but I had to rest. It did give me some time to read, which I don't do enough anymore. My husband picked up "The Friday Night Knitting Club" for me at a used book shop and I devoured it. I think my brain needed the nourishment, as well as a nice distraction to thinking about someone else's problems for a couple of days- someone fictional whose problems won't really ever amount to anything- they disappear with the closing of the pages.

I have had the opportunity to work with several amazing photographers this summer, which I will share with you now. They have quite the diverse array of styles.

Photo by Robert L Pond Photography, Model Krista Radtke, Hair and Makeup by Amanda Steele-Walters. Silk ruffle dress by deconstructika.....
Photo by Cory Albrechtson, models Jane Love & Dajana Djurica, hair and makeup and wardrobe styling by Colour Law. Avant-garde dresses by deconstructika. Cory does a lot of very dark, arty photos, including zombie pin-up and other creepy/beautiful subjects. You can see more of his work here:
Photo by Jessica Sun Photography, model Heidi Eigenberger, hair and makeup also by Jessica. Photoshoot inspired by Mila Kunis's shoot with Harper's Bazaar earlier this year. Mila dress in pink faux fur-
Jessica Gadzalinksi does beautiful glamour and fashion photos- see more of her work here:
Photo by Mark Johnson of When Light Falls Photography, model Alicia C., hair and makeup by Nola Kahn. Autumn dress in brown plaid wool by deconstructika- Mark does gorgeous editorial photos- see more of his work here-

Peace out-
Rosie Rose

Friday, September 7, 2012

Front Page of Etsy, baby!