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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sewing Horror Stories

I generally stay up late at night working because I work better without a two year old hanging off my back. Last night being no exception, I was up late working on some new scarves. I was just trying to start a new ruffle on the scarf so I had my fingers close to the foot- Oops, too close! Ka-CHUNK! Suddenly red hot pain, I look down and the needle on the machine has broken and there is a giant HOLE in my finger! Yeowch! The needle literally broke on my finger, the tip was bent and the needle snapped in half. And took out a small chunk of my flesh with it. I wish I could have taken a picture of the broken needle but if you read my last post, you know about my little camera mishap....
Last blog post

A couple Barbie bandaids later, I'm all good- and I can't get my finger wet today so I guess my husband will have to do the dishes.... in other words, my evil plan worked purrrfectly, bwahahaha!

It's true, sewing is not usually a dangerous pastime. I can only think of one other sewing incident similar to this, but to some, probably even more horrifying. One evening a few years back, I was sewing some very thick fabric in the sewing machine, and the needle broke, and I watched as part of the needle flew up INTO MY EYE. Felt like a bee stung me on the eyeball. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a Q-tip and fished out a tiny, super sharp fragment of metal.My eye was fine but it definitely freaked me out.

Other small injuries while sewing: inevitable burns from steam or iron; dropped thread snippers on ankle and cut it; snipped finger with thread cutters; and a million pokes with needles and pins.

I just came across these guidelines for safe sewing- oops, last night I broke rule number ONE! Whoopsie my daisy, as my daughter would say.
Sewing Safety
.....and I just finished reading that and am now totally freaked out. A tailor had a pin embedded in his heart? Goodness me.

Well, off to do some sewing! (Or cower in fear beside my pin cushion, lol.)