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Monday, March 18, 2013

New collections and new resolutions

So I am opening today's entry with the resolution to do this more often. There, I said it, now I have to do it. :)

I have several new collections of jewelry and clothing I will be debuting on Etsy soon.

First off, the Cleopatra Collection of cuff bracelets. These were inspired by my visit to the Cleopatra exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum last year, where I saw, close-up, some of the jewelry worn by Cleopatra- so inspiring! Truly the Queen of Decadence. The bracelets are designed to appear rich enough for Cleopatra's extravagant tastes, while actually maintaining a small ecological footprint. The bracelets are made from repurposed silk dupioni and hand-dyed silk, and embellished with gemstones. Each one is different. All are lined in comfortable purple linen, and fasten with antique glass buttons.Here are the first ones I have made, available now on Etsy.

I am also working on a collection of cuffs inspired by the late musician Elliot Smith's song, Color bars. The collection is called Color bars and each pieced linen cuff, will come with a free Elliot Smith sticker I designed myself. Sorry, no pics yet, still working on them.

The past few days I have been working on a new batch of upcycled tank tops. I have been making these for a couple years now and they have been very popular. I cut up unwanted t-shirts- camp shirts, religious shirts, sports shirts, which all are sold cheaply at thrift shops- and remake them into colorful and stylish tank tops. You can find several in my shop, and also can custom order, but i am working on getting a better selection of all sizes on Etsy. I make these from a size XS up to 3X- something for everyone. And I can also do custom lengths, or lengthen a top if you need that. Pictured below is the newest one I have in my shop, in size Large, with a raised neckline (normally more of a scoop neck) and in tunic length.
Photo credit: RLP Rhotography, Milwaukee; model Hannah Iyamah; hair by Victoria Salgado; MUA Giovanni Leach

 Here is a link to check out the tops I have on Etsy now- hopefully I will be able to post the new ones very soon.

One more unfortunate note having to do with taking photos, as you can probably tell is something I have to do frequently.... Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day parade in Eureka Springs, my home town. We took my toddler to see the parade, catch necklaces and candy, and eat way too much sugar. Right before the parade I got her all dressed in her green- lime green dress and tights, green hair bows- so cute. I got out my camera to snap a photo and saw the back screen was totally broken. Like, I must have dropped my bag on a rock or something. SUCH a bummer. So it may be a couple weeks before I can get a new camera and post some of these new items. :/