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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Unique gift ideas made using your kid's artwork

child's art made into fabric art

We all love artwork made by our kids. We put them on the fridge, we love them... and then they go in a box never to see the light of day again. What if you could save your kid's drawings forever, in a form you could enjoy every day?

That's the idea behind my new line of items. I will be offering frame-able fabric art for home or nursery decor; baby dresses- a wonderful gift for an older child to give to their new baby sister; throw pillows- perfect for home, office, or gift; baby blankets; Christmas stockings- your kid would love to design their own stocking! You know they would.

I am beginning with some very basic options but I hope to expand to offer more products soon. I am putting this new line of items in my shop CalamityJaneBoutique, on Etsy.

Here is the first example item I worked up, with help from my own lovely daughter, who provided me with the art. Her drawing is titled "Baby Rolly Polly".
Ezra's drawing
transformed into embroidery

and made, in this case, into a baby dress!
I am also bringing back my custom Christmas stockings, which you can have made from family photos or your own artwork, or give me some ideas and I will work up a unique concept for you. You can find that item as well at

Have more ideas for me? Please share.