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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frida Kahlo Visits Eureka

"Frida Kahlo Visits Eureka" by Rosie Rose 2007
Acrylic painting on signboard, 4 ft wide x 8 ft tall
This painting was created as a part of The Artery in Eureka Springs, a changing mural made up of 27 large paintings....

"The artist Frida Kahlo did not have an easy life. She had many painful experiences- she had polio as a child, was hurt in a horrible trolley wreck as a teenager, and had surgeries to treat her injuries for the rest of her life. She had a turbulent off-and-on relationship with the muralist Diego Rivera; they were married twice. She once said that she faced two tragedies in her life, the trolley wreck and Diego Rivera.

Frida Kahlo was truly a self-made icon. She painted about two hundred paintings in her lifetime, many of which were self-portraits. Her surrealist and primitive paintings are rich in color and raw in emotion, often focusing on physical pain or heartbreak. Most of her paintings are now in the possession of the world's best museums, and others are owned by the rich and famous. Fifty years after her death, she has become more popular than ever, her paintings selling for millions of dollars. She often said she did not want to be forgotten, but she surely didn't expect to be the most famous female artist in the world.

I painted it in my backyard, and I actually used the elements behind my panel as the background- the stone retaining wall that I could see on either side, and the tree that came over the top. Frida never visited Eureka, as far as I know, but I'm sure she would have loved it here. She wore her Tehuana costumes in the cold climate of Detroit, and I think she would have liked it here better! I wanted her to be proud and beautiful, the way she portrayed herself the most often. I also put her in her favorite green skirt, which appears in many of her paintings, including "Memory". And I gave her a Mona Lisa Smile, instead of her usual somber expression. I wanted her to look healthy and full of life." -Rosie Rose

Above Photos: Working on the painting was a challenge as it was too big to fit in my house. A makeshift mosquito net kept me somewhat sane as I painted the large portrait in my backyard.
The painting now resides in my kitchen ( moved to a place with higher ceilings!). She brightens up the whole room.